Monday, October 21, 2013

Birthday Part 2 - Bay Hotel

After birthday lunch, we went shopping at Orchard and Vivocity, drove around a little, and then it was time for dinner already!

At first I didn't feel particularly excited by the menu because it's like a mixture of western and asian food. The ambiance wasn't exactly great either... Lots of noise from the many foreigners who were staying in the hotel. BUT! The food was eventually quite good!

After the yummy bread served at The Garden, the bread here was significantly so-so only. Haha. But luckily the rest of the dinner was nice!

Craving for fish so I ordered a fish dish and it was very yummy!

Bf ordered stewed duck. Quite nice but my fish is still nicer!

Mushroom soup. Chunky pieces of mushroom inside!

Skinny pizza topped with cheese and squid and prawns. ME LIKE!

Was very full by the end of our dinner but the staff recommended this Durian Crepe dessert so we got it. NICE LEH!

Overall a pleasant meal! I saw some tables having hotpot, like quite shiok also. Might come back again to try the hotpot. The service by the floor staff and manager was very good too.

I can never be a food blogger because I only know how to eat, I don't really know how to describe food. Haha.

Will blog about the presents next entry!

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