Saturday, October 12, 2013

Carpark Adventure

This week, I watched two movies that I enjoyed alot!

First one was Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2, tickets courtesy of Churpchurp! :) I remember liking the first movie because of its cute concept. The 2nd movie is also cute, with its adorable 'animal-food' characters and funny food-puns. Lots of hilarious moments too. Go watch it!

Then, I went to watch About Time today! I liked the time-travel concept in "The Time Traveler's Wife", so I figured this would be quite interesting too. Although it is packaged alot like a romantic movie, I think it was quite funny and had a deeper meaning to it. Many plot holes though, but if you don't think too much into the logic and inconsistencies of the butterfly effect, it is quite a nice movie!

So anyway, after the movie me and bf decided to head to Golden Mile Complex for Mookata. We drove into Golden Mile Complex, but after getting out of the car, we walked through a door and got into a very unfamiliar place. The shops are all closed and shutters closed. Then, we saw a big crowded steamboat place. After passing by those people (it did look like a scene from a Hong Kong ghost movie. haha), we went into the quiet atrium area. Then, bf realized that we were in Golden Mile tower, which was one building away from the complex. So we found a door and walked out into an alley which had incense burnings and a pub girl squatting by the side. All this felt very "another dimension". Then, we walked to Golden Mile Complex and had our yummy meal. We figured that the carpark was probably linked to both buildings, although I felt that the carpark wasn't that long.

When it was time to go back, we decided to get back to the carpark the way we went out from it. So, we walked outside to Golden Mile Tower. We went back to the steamboat place but none of the doors near it leads to the carpark. So we walked around the same level looking for the right door. Nope, nothing. Then, we took a lift to Level 1 and saw the security table some distance away. The security guard told us to take the lift down to basement. So we did. But nope, no carpark. We were back at the steamboat level. Afterwards, we tried going up to other levels and the lift seemed spoiled because it didn't land on the same floor height (like, the lift floor was lower than the real floor). We walked out into a small carpark area which definitely didn't look like it would stretch out to Golden Mile Complex. Bf pointed out that it doesn't look like the same carpark we parked in. Then, we saw another lift so I told bf to try that one. Main reason was because I didn't want to risk going back to that spoilt lift. Doors open and we are back at the security table. So bf said, lets go back to Golden Mile Complex and walk in from the carpark entrance, the way the car went in. We did that and found our car.

The experience is just so weird!!! It felt eerie because of how old and empty Golden Mile Tower was. There must be a logical reason to this and we are both just bad at remembering directions. But still weird cos we tried every single door we see and none led to the carpark with our car in it!

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