Sunday, October 13, 2013


Photos of some accessories I got from Twistofblack:

I spent a long time scrolling through the many beauties at Twistofblack, completely spoilt for choice.

I particularly selected the first chunky gold piece because I felt that it would match almost any outfit. I also liked how the design is unique yet classic. The third piece is also another one that easily goes with anything!

And, can you guess which is my ultimate favourite one out of these three? Yep, the floral gold piece! The moment I set my eyes on it, I fell in love with it. I knew I had to get it!

Twistofblack started out in Oct/Nov 2012 on Besides the wide variety of designs (450+ and counting, there's definitely something for everyone!), the prices of their accessories are really affordable too.

Necklaces are $3.50 - $13,
Bracelets are $3 to $7,
Earrings are $2-$3.50,
Rings are $2 - $4.50.

Where else can you find such nice designs for such low prices?

You can find other blogshops selling the same items, but at much higher prices! Although the accessories are chic and affordable, one thing is, the quality is not compromised.

Do support Twistofblack! 

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