Monday, October 28, 2013

The King Louis: Halloween Edition

Halloween is this week! The office will be having a Halloween party so I'm quite excited! Will be preparing some halloween inspired food and if they turn out instagram-worthy, I will post them up here too! :)

If you have no plans for Halloween, do consider gathering a few good friends and have dinner at The King Louis!

I had a pleasant time dining at The King Louis previously, so this time when they invited me for the Halloween theme, I brought my mum and sister along too.

The place was very halloween-ly decorated!

The lion was already there previously but for Halloween they made it bite a severed hand. So creative!

A webbed knight.

Even the servers are dressed in costumes! I saw one dressed as a king with gold chain and some other different characters. So cool!

As you can see, the place is very nicely decorated according to the theme.

Time to eat! Starting our meal with bread and mushroom soup.

And our main course is the Halloween Platter! A big tray of yummy meat! Roasted beef with black pepper sauce, Premium BBQ baby back ribs, Grilled crayfish with garlic and herbs, and Pan seared filled of Norwegian Salmon. Underneath, mixed vegetables and roasted tomato. In the middle is a bowl of corn and some fruits! What a feast!

Love the ribs because of the sauce!

My favourite item on the platter was this! Cheesy oh cheesy!

What a thick chunk of salmon! ^_^ Me like!

For a minimum expenditure, customers may also get to pick squishy eyeballs from the halloween box and win something!

What we got:

Somersby Apple Cider. Refreshing to go with the meat!

We also had platter C at the side. Prawns, Calamari, Chicken Wings, Bacon Banana and Salad.

It was an enjoyable dinner with the warm hospitality of Atwell from The King Louis. The halloween dining theme last till 3rd November only, so do be quick!

I'm giving away food vouchers on instagram. Do follow me there! (Search nick: theiceangel)

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