Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mum's Birthday

This entry is long overdue, but I decided to blog about it for memory's sake!

In early August, we went out as a family to celebrate Mum's birthday!

OOTD pic as usual. I realize that in recent months I would always unintentionally sweep my hair to the side, and the same side! I think because my bag is always on my left (I can't carry bags on my right shoulder, it just always slip off!), and if my hair is there the strap always kiap it so it's annoying. It's a bad habit though, cos my face looks rounder from the side when my hair is not covering it. Must try to keep my hair on both sides of my face.

Had dinner at Imperial Treasure and bf joined us too :)

Afterwards, we headed home for cake-cutting!

Family portrait:

Another photo

Speaking of birthdays..... mine is coming this Sunday! Just awhile ago it seemed like a long time to my birthday but now it's just round the corner!

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