Thursday, October 24, 2013

Trigger Happy

Just some photos from the recent dinner with Isaac and Ben! So happy to be using my new Samsung EX2F camera!

Loving this neon yellow bag from HURS! Can't really see that it's neon colour because I realize that the camera tend to saturate tones. But it's gorgeous in real life! More about HURS in the next entry ok :)

Just photos of us and us and us. Haha. And yep, I'm wearing the dress that bf got for me! ^_^

Brought them to try the army stew at Seoul Yummy but this time it wasn't as shiok as the previous time I went. Don't know why!

It has been quite some time since I took so many selfies at a go! This is one out of the many.

We went to Bugis Street to get a bag I have been eye-ing but it's gone already T_T

Settled at Starbucks afterwards!

Isaac was so sweet to get cupcakes and candles! ^_^

Abrupt end to this post because right after we had the cake, my bf also abruptly arrived to bring me home and I also abruptly left them. Haha.

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