Friday, October 18, 2013

Birthday Part 1 - The Garden

As I wanted to spend my actual birthday with the family, bf celebrated it for me in advance a day before.

He came to pick me up at my house and off we head to The Garden, located at Sentosa.

This place is located deep in Sentosa and because his GPS gave the wrong route, we ended up parking quite a long walking distance away from the restaurant. It was such a scorching hot day! We walked and walked and walked and finally in front of a real garden, I asked him, "Are you sure The Garden is a restaurant and not just a real garden??" Hahaha.

And we finally arrived at this pretty and quiet place.

Description on the website:

"Located in a charming conservation building next to Spa Botanica, The Garden is a restaurant that offers wholesome contemporary cuisine.

Enjoy the freshest ingredients specially prepared with a gentle hand to retain the ingredients’ natural goodness and flavours."

I wonder why bf brought me here, because I'm definitely not a health-conscious person! I always had the belief that healthy food are rarely yummier than not-so-healthy food. But the food at The Garden is really not bad!

Meal was quite okay, favourite was the Scallops! Runner up would be the Chicken Roulade. Though the meat was tough, the mushrooms that came with it was yummy!

The restaurant is overall quite a nice place for a quiet, lovely date.

Ootd picture:

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Luckily, after the meal we managed to hitch a ride to from someone in a buggy!

Will blog about the next part of our birthday date in the next entry!

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