Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Birthday Part 3

The best part about birthdays are the presents!!

As you all know, I've been wanting to change my camera and some time back, I fell in love with the Samsung EX2F camera! However, I didn't buy it immediately as I am not a "huge-purchase" type of person. I can spend $100 on TEN little items but always reluctant to spend $100 at a go on ONE item. Even when I wanted a new shoe rack which cost around $150 (the cheapest one in Ikea!!!), I took months before I finally bought it.

So, I don't know what happened, one day it was decided that bf will buy it for me as birthday present! In the few months leading up to my birthday, I was so excited and looking forward to using my new camera. Bf chose white for me as he felt it's more feminine. But I'm such a messy person, sooner or later my white camera will become grey. Or has it already turn grey? Haha.

Besides the camera which I already knew I would get, Bf also secretly shipped the Hong Kong McDonald's Circus Hello Kitty Collection over! He told me to treat these better than the local ones because these are way more expensive. Hahaha. Oh well, at least now he saved himself the trouble of queuing if this collection ever comes to our shores! Check out the elephant kitty. So chubby and cute!!!

Midway through the drive home, he stopped the car at the roadside and went to the back of the car to get me another package. It was this dress from CHACEYLOVE! He said some time back in a random email I sent him, at the bottom I also included a link of this dress with the words "ME WANT THIS".  I totally forgot about it and when I searched my email, it was in August! So long ago already!

And when the clock strike midnight, sis came into the room, closed the lights, and appeared with a cake!

The next day was day out with my family! Bf dropped by to pass us these cupcakes!

So pretty!

Hehe, featuring this cute penguin! Yep, I'm 23 already this year. OLD LIAO LAH. I wanna be 18 again!

Highlight of the day - I bought a new laptop for myself! Probably my biggest purchase ever after I bought a $400+ HP Mini afew years ago. This was a no-choice purchase cos my old computer broke down afew months ago and I've been using Bf's laptop.

Cost me $700+ and I'm so poor now! Luckily my family forked in some cash as bithday gift! It's quite a good deal though, it was retailing at $999 and for its specification, $700+ is not bad already.

But the color really super UGLY lor. I super hate blue (on things that aren't clothes), especially metallic blue. If I were still schooling and had to bring the laptop around, I confirm wouldn't get it. But since I'm only using it at home, then nevermind lah.

Korean BBQ for dinner! ^_^ Anyway, after trying Thai BBQ, all Korean, Jap, Chinese BBQ not that nice anymore!

Birthday OOTD:

Sis also got me some "side gifts" apart from contributing to my laptop fund! Love them! Anyway they commented that they choose this cover because the girl on the cover have the same hairstyle and color as me! And the eyes color until black black one. Haha.

Present and card with handwritten messages from NUFFNANG & CHURPCHURP. Really very sweet of them because the messages are really meaningful and not just the typical "Happy birthday Esther".

From colleagues!

We had a birthday celebration for October Babies at the pantry before my birthday weekend...

And on the Monday after my birthday weekend, they suddenly came into the room and surprised me with another birthday cake! :)

Was a happy day because after that I met up with my girls - Nadia, Fidelis and Milly for MOOKATA!!!! It's not as nice as the one at Golden Mile but it's eat-all-you-can style.

The food takes a long time to heat up though. Perhaps we got a faulty stove. We had more time to chat than eat! We could only put a few pieces on top and our meat keep dropping into the soup. Haha.

Ending this entry here!

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