Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Coffee Shot

Just another typical weekend date! Bf brought me to this place called The Coffee Shot. I have never heard of The Coffee Shot before this though. Honestly, there are so many cafes in Singapore, we cannot finish exploring all of them even if we have brunch every weekend!

Honestly, I usually don't remember much about the taste.... unless it's superb. Most cafes serve average food, but at some places, I finish everything on the plate because it's really so good.

This place is quite average in my opinion, but still not too bad. Probably because I don't really like honey and honey was served on my toast. I prefer butter, but that's just me.

The eggs were quite okay. One thing though, the food only arrived a longggggg time after we ordered.

I forgot if bf's dish was good or bad. 

We tried the Old School Buns, which are actually bread with luncheon meat and fried eggs sandwiched in between. 

Bf's coffee with honey. I really don't like honey :x

My normal and safe choice of cafe latte. :D

My verdict? Not bad actually, but I won't be back any time soon unless I'm in the vicinity. Many better cafes out there! 

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