Sunday, October 6, 2013

Imperial Treasure

Met up with Ben, Isaac, and Grace for dinner earlier this week! It has been such a long time since we met up with Grace a few years ago!

Anyway, they told me 'Imperial Treasure' so when I got off the cab at Ion, the first 'Imperial Treasure' restaurant I saw was the one upstairs (the more expensive one). So paisei lah, I went one round inside then realize they were talking about the branch downstairs.

Probably my last time using Ben's camera because............ my boyfriend bought me the exact same camera for my birthday (yep, it's today!). Hehehe. So excited to use my new camera!!!

Anyway, photos from Ben's camera taken by me. Haha.

Isaac's lamian. He claimed the noodles were good but... actually so-so only lah.

Ben's Zha Jiang Mian which didn't look nor taste like the usual drier version! We tried to get a bowl of plain soup for Ben to wash his noodles as it was too spicy for him but the staff keep arguing and throwing sarcastic remarks. -_- So anyway, Grace unleashed a littttttle bit of her fierceness as we looked on, stunned. Hahaha.

Best thing on the table that day was the roasted duck. VERY yummy!!! Anyway, I've been to many other branches of Imperial Treasure and usually their food is quite good and service is not bad.... Not sure why we had such a blah experience that day.

Went over to coffee bean afterwards! Grace's skintone is so fair lor, we all look tanned beside her. Haha. I wanna be so fair too!

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