Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Nail Oh Nail

My previous gelish manicure (bunny nails) lasted for almost a month and it's still not chipped at all! Since I was free over the weekend, I decided to get a new design done at Millys!

Ever since I did Gelish, I could not go back to normal nail polish again. It is an awesome invention! With Gelish, the polish dries within 1-3 minutes, it does not chip, and overall lasts very long! Makes your time at the salon more worth it doesn't it? Wouldn't it be a waste if you did an awesome design and it only last a week? However, I heard of some salons that use inferior Gelish product. Rest assure that Millys use quality ones because my designs usually can last around a month or more!

After looking at a wide selection of gorgeous designs created by the manicurists, I chose this one. So pretty I'm in love with them~

The colors - White, Silver, Red, Green, very suitable for Christmas!

If you are looking to have pretty nails for Christmas, why not try Millys if you haven't?

Anyway, have you started your Christmas shopping? If not, this is the perfect time to do so!

CovetedSG is having their Christmas Sale! Many items going for as low as 50% off their usual prices! Chanel, Celine etc bag dust plugs going for as low as $4.90 each! Can get some for your colleagues!

This one quite cute!

Pretty Floral Reindeer cover perfect as a Xmas Gift!

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