Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Braces: First Tightening Session

Here to update more about my braces!

After the first month, it's time to tighten the wires! Dr Enrica removed my old wires and brackets (they were quite stained towards the end of the first month because I went to eat curry quite a few times, not heeding her advice :x Must avoid curry in the next month!)

The entire procedure was easy-peasy, just a bit of pressure applied while fixing the wires. Everyone told me that after each tightening it would be very painful but for it was kinda ok! Pain but not as pain as the first time the braces got on. Even went to Milly's birthday party after the dental visit and had lots of fun! Can't really eat much the first day but by second day I was back to my usual diet.

Just an update of my diet, I only watched my food for the 1st week after fitting of braces. Thereafter, I ate like normal already. Just rinse after each meal to ensure that no food get stuck inside!

Personally I felt that meat was easier to eat. Leafy chinese vegetables tend to get stuck easily so I avoid those. Things to avoid are the obvious ones like chips, pop corns, peanuts, chewy candy, harder fruits like apple, etc. I can't really bite with my front teeth anymore so I always cut into smaller pieces and bite with the back teeth. I thought I couldn't eat my favourite chicken wings but I am so happy that I still can! I just have to pull out the meat using my fingers instead of biting directly on the wing. Overall having braces is still quite bearable lah! In the end I never really get the chance to slim down because I am still eating like a pig. Hahaha. 


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