Friday, January 18, 2013

Loysel's Toy

I have many other backlogs but I choose to blog about the recent ones first! Haha. In case I forget the details again!

Bf made breakfast for me last weekend! The sausage was not fully cooked inside though..... but thumbs up for effort! (I mean, effort for trying to make me suffer food poisoning... haha kidding lah, effort for waking up early and wasting so many eggs to get the scrambled eggs right!) I re-fried the sausages and ate every single piece!

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Went to Loysel's Toy for an early morning date with bf last Sunday! The place is quite isolated and not easy to find. However, I loved the ambiance. It makes me feel carefree and fresh!

Our orders:

Big L's Breakfast ($15). Consist of everything you see on this plate here.

Eggs Benedict ($12). Hadn't had one in a long time so we ordered it! The remembered that the Big L's Breakfast was nothing spectacular but the Eggs Benedict was quite nice.

Cafe Latte as usual, Baby cino and Apple Juice for bf.

Love laidback mornings like this.

Bf took photos around the place too. So happy to have him around. I haven't been taking photos using my own camera for a long time. Hehe.

Wah, got abstract photo of myself. Haha.

Loving my floral top from LYRAMINN! The colors are so pleasing and I felt so comfy in it. Join the mailing list before purchasing to get 10% off items storewide and an additional 5% if you quote "ESTXIE5"! LYRAMINN also offers FREE normal postage!

I forgot to bring my mobile phone out that day!!! Only found out when we were about to reach, so I decided to go without it for a day. Had so many instagram-worthy moments but couldn't do so!!! Couldn't tahan so I used bf's ipad to take the instagram photo below. Such a hassle to log in and out of our accounts and I ended up accidentally posting to his facebook as well. The caption was "Lovely brunch time with bf". Haha!