Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pink Highlights

New hair color again!!

The craziest my hair has ever been. I have had colors like bright red, blonde, gold, etc before, but to date this is probably the most shocking one...

After barely two month with dark hair.... I'm already bored of it. Haha. And so, I whisked myself to Bugis Essensuals to do something different to it! I wanted to do highlights but unsure of whether to do pink, teal, pink and teal or pink and purple. In the end my stylist Wayne, suggested just pink!

I only briefly told Wayne what kind of highlights I want to do and also showed him a couple of photos I found on the web. I couldn't really find a photo of an exact example I want to copy, so I had no idea how it would turn out but I totally trust my hair in the hands of Wayne. Plus, the "style" of Essensuls is unlike any other salon out there... The raw and edgy vibe can be felt when you enter the salon and the stylists there mostly have awesome, stunning, unique hair, which is totally what I want for my own hair too. I love how the stylists at Essensuals are open to experimenting different styles, yet keep to what complements us best. I don't think it is easy to find such salon so I'm happy that I have Essensuals!

Guess what I was pleasantly surprised with. An ipad to browse web/play games while my hair is being taken care of! I have always thought it was a good idea to do online stuff while sitting in the salon so that we don't waste time staring into the mirror, but my laptop is too bulky to bring around. So glad they implemented this! Time pass faster when you are browsing the web or playing games, that's for sure. (Oh ya, if I have not mentioned this before, there's also a game console corner in the salon, especially useful if your boyfriend is grumpy about having to wait for you at the salon!)

Three person needed to untangle my hair. Haha. My hair is just so fine and dry, I really need to stop being lazy and come here to have treatments more often.

Oh ya, while my hair was being washed and waiting for the treatment to be absorbed into my hair, I was watching MR BEAN videos on the TV above!! So funny I laughed a few times. Hahaha.

Final product!

My hair texture is also smoother and looked so much better than before! Bugis Essensuals recently introduced a new Mythic Oil Ritual Treatment and they used it on my hair during my visit.

Here are more details about Mythic Oil and its benefits!

If you are keen to try the Mythic Oil Ritual Treatment, quote my name to get 15% off for a limited time only!

Do make an appointment first as it's near festive season already!

Visit Essensuals Bugis on the following online platforms to check out latest promotions or ask them questions if you are shy to call! If you have no idea what kind of hairstyle you want to do, you can also get the stylist to customize something suitable for you!
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Essensuals-Hairdressing-Bugis/127003720665372
Formspring: http://www.formspring.me/essensuals

Also follow them on Instagram to view hair of past happy customers and if you want anything similar, you can show the photo to them too!
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Check out the ongoing promotion at the salon (applicable only for stylist level):

More photos of my new hair:

My top is from Mamatiam! It comes in 5 colors and only $10 per piece. Got the triangle necklace from Rarebits, owned by Qiuqiu and her friends! If you noticed, I was all spike that day! Spike headband, spike bangle and spike necklace! Haha.


  1. A bit of weird, but really crazy and it's looks good on you. :D
    (a girl from Hungary)

  2. Hi esther, i was watching a korean drama "reply 1997" and realise that the female main actress resembles you alot. Her name is Eunji from Apink haha ...

  3. I'm not really liking your new highlights. Maybe you could have picked a shade of brown that better complements the pink.