Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bon Chon

I've heard about BonChon and their delicious chicken but I never had the chance to dine there. I finally tried it for lunch one fine day before heading to work!

So excited about the chicken!! Wanted to taste for myself what all the hype was about. I tried the wings and I liked it! It was crunchy yet juicy, sweet yet savoury. I wanna try the drumsticks another time! Okay, I am currently craving for this already.

There are Japanese and Korea dishes available but we were in the mood for Jap that day. Takoyaki~ It's okay, quite normal.

I liked the Volcano Maki we had, it has spicy mayo but not too spicy. Just a tingly spicy feeling. The salmon was fresh and good!

The next time I dine at Bonchon I will try the Korean dishes. Anyway, that shade of pink on my nail is probably one of the prettiest nail color I have ever done. Loving it so much although I didn't do any special pattern. It's a new gelish color at Millys, Bugis street level 2, Tel: 63384137.

Top is from Comes in two colors. Quote 'ESTXIE' for 5% off, in addition to another 10% if you join the mailing list. Sandals are from, comes in multiple colors too.


  1. your bag looks really nice. may i know where issit from? thanks!

  2. I really like the exposed shoulders on the top. My Blog