Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ogopogo Cafe

After bf brought me to visit "Kampong Mimpi", we went to meet up with Alvin to have dinner!

The place we initially planned for was quite packed when we reached there, but we spotted Ogopogo nearby and decided to have our dinner at Ogopogo instead. I'm glad we did!

Ogopogo is quite interesting!

The first thing I noticed was this - "Chope Liao!" So cute!

And the drink menu, was in the form of a jotter book. Not only that, every single item inside the menu was handwritten very neatly. *gasp*

Spotted an ex-colleague at the cafe too! Such a coincidence and surprised that she remember me :)

Some snaps of the decor:

Check out the "dai gor dai"!!!! And the cameras!

I had ice cafe latte ($4.50) even though it was nearing night time already.

The boys had these fruit flavor carbonated drinks. They had lovely names! Aqua Bubbles ($6.90, passionfruit & curacao) and Tangerine Sunset ($6.90, passionfruit, grapefruit, orange). And only after the dinner I discovered the reason why my boyfriend chose "Aqua Bubbles" is because he felt it had some link to his diving hobby..... -_-"

I don't know why, but they ordered two drinks each. Alvin got himself these bottle of Tutti Frutti Pear Cider.  By the way, I just remembered something. In the car, the boys were disagreeing with me when I said I find Vivian Hsu very pretty!!! I thought all guys like this type of girls? Vivian Hsu is like a whole package lor, cute yet feminine and angelic-looking yet at the same time alluring.

And bf was attracted by these special drinks! He was contemplating between Graveyard Shift and Witch's Sin (Chocolate cookie+Fruits??? How will it taste?!!!) and he finally chose the former after recommendation from the staff.

His Graveyard Shift ($6.90). It has a soury sweet taste. I like it! It's actually just a repeat of his Aqua Bubbles, add grenadine and soda....

Oh, I want to elaborate more about their food. They have choices of 4 menus - Ogopogo, Italian (Pasta & Pizza), Burger, Middle Eastern. Items from Ogopogo are prepared by themselves, while the other 3 menus are food served by other restaurants in the vicinity. I thought that was quite an unique idea! Definitely good for a bunch of friends who have differing taste in food. Me for example, was craving for Middle Eastern kebab before that but the boys seem disinterested. I was so happy to see it available on the menu! Haha.

My final main course choice, Zesty Chicken Lover ($13.90), was from the Italian menu though. I was spoilt for choice! It is kinda of like Aglio Olio. I give it a so-so grade, as the sauce starts to become quite dry midway through the meal.

Bf had Quack Doctor ($11.90), a quirky-named item from the Ogopogo menu. The duck was marinated well and flavorsome.

Alvin had this carbonara beef pepperoni pasta called Sunny side up ($15.90). Before ordering I asked him what he was going to order and he said "Sunny side up".... Lol for a moment I thought he was going to order 2 fried eggs for dinner! Afterwards bf, who was away from the table when I asked Alvin, asked him the same question and had the same reaction. hahaha.

For sides, we ordered Hummus Shawarma ($15), from the middle eastern menu. Chickpea, lamb and pita bread. Midway through, the boys commented that the lamb tasted like beef. I don't eat beef, so I was quite taken aback. I took a bite and said confidently "nope, it tastes like lamb..." After like 5 minutes, I said "but the lamb taste quite mild...." *starting to get suspicious* Then I said "I can't judge because I'm not a beef eater, I don't really know how beef taste like actually. Maybe this is beef." Haha. Well, the mystery was never solved. The staff said it's lamb upon looking at it.... but I never touched it again after the conversation.

Before the dinner I was craving for fried calamari rings ($9) and ended up quite disappointed by these . It was quite bland and too floury.

The desserts were also named quite funnily! Everyday I'm Truffleing, Ogopogo's toothpaste, etc!

Go check it out if you are near Arab street/Haji Lane area! The ambiance was cozy and the service is good!

73 Bussorah Street,
Singapore 199486

Tel: 6295 1339

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