Tuesday, January 15, 2013


When I found out that Fullhouse opened a franchise in Singapore last year, I told bf that I definitely want to try it some day. We finally went to this theme cafe one day for lunch. Actually, this happened months back but I was too lazy to sort the photos because I took a lot! Finally finished compiling the best ones, so enjoy this pictorial entry!

There are different sections depicting different rooms of a home. We sat at an isolated pretty window side!

This room in the photo below was behind us.

The furnishings are exceptionally pretty! Wish my house was decorated this way too! If I had the money, I would want to book some place like this for my birthday party or something. Will be a very nice backdrop for photos!

The clocks were all so pretty! This is only one of them.

Couldn't resist and took many photos around the place!

Yep, the photo on my header is this photo at the moment!

Floral pink dress is from Missqueenie. Just thought it is quite suitable for Fullhouse's theme! Singapore should have more delicately decorated theme cafes!

Before heading there, I read reviews that the food at Fullhouse is so-so.... indeed so.

Was quite disappointed at the sausages... taste like hotdogs instead of what we expected....

Car outside the restaurant.

Okay, finally ending this entry here! Sorry for the lack of words... it was so long ago already that I don't have much to say anymore! Should blog as soon as possible in the future...!

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