Sunday, January 6, 2013

The King Louis

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After our visit to S.E.A Aquarium, we went to have dinner at The King Louis, located at Vivocity. Bf made reservations for 7pm but we were ahead of our schedule and reached there at 5pm. Haha. Over early.

Exterior was quite interesting! This place serves western food, so it was quite appropriate for Christmas. I heard that the portions at this place is quite big, hence I was really looking forward to filling my stomach!

Photo with the golden knight in front of the entrance.

The knights/castle look stopped right after we enter the restaurant. I can't find any words to describe the overall ambiance, as it was neither here nor there. There was also someone singing live at a side of the restaurant.

The area that we were allocated to, was quite office-style. Saw a huge table with several typist chair around it, looking like a business meeting!

We initially selected Banana Bacon Roll as our side but luckily we finally chose the platter because out of everything on the plate, the Banana Bacon Roll was least nice. Bacon was nice and Banana was nice, but the combination was a little off.

Bf had the cheesy fried chicken even though he was sick that day. It tasted a little bit like pizza toppings on chicken. Haha. He was quite pleased with his dish though.

The pork chop I selected was quite disappointing as it was a chef recommendation on the menu. The meat was tough and the sauce was nothing special.

Service was quite ok and the view is not bad la!

Top with layered crochet collar is from MissQueenie while the pair of orange floral shorts are from Earthdoll [Bukit Panjang Plaza $03-21]. A very comfy outfit for a day at Sentosa, while still looking not too casual! :)


  1. I always got click 'continue reading' :)

  2. I also always click "continue reading". Your blog is one of my favorites. :) Also, all of the food in this entry looked amazing! ><

  3. I also always click "continue reading". :) Your blog is one of my favorites.

    Also, all of the food in this entry looks so amazing! I'm hungry now! ><

  4. I always see it and always see it too ^^

  5. omg~~ i love your bag esther ^^ where did you bought it?