Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happiness and Money

---- This is a scheduled post written yesterday ----

After trying to stay positive despite my whole of today being quite unsmooth, I came home to find that my computer cannot start up.


So now I'm using my dad's laptop as an alternative. But he doesn't have chrome. So I'm using a slower browser now. Nevermind, at least it works. Then, I realize he did not update the flashplayer in order for me to do certain stuff. I tried to download it but the installation refuses to start.

I really dislike wasting time, especially when free time for myself is so rare nowadays. I believe that my quality of life would be much better if I had abundance of time. I would be a much happier person. I would be less impatient.

You know, everytime when I'm out alone doing my own stuff without a time limit, I feel so free and happy. The air feels fresh and my mood is always heightened. There is no rush, there is no worry about the need to answer to anyone nor do stuff I dislike, etc. Even when I bump into little inconveniences, I am not annoyed at all.

So this year, one of my 10 resolutions is to morph my lifestyle into one where I have more time and liberty to enjoy my own freedom. In 2012, I learnt the importance of money. Because money can buy time and freedom. In the past, I have a very casual attitude towards money. It didn't matter so much in the past because I have always felt that 钱财乃身外之物. But after being restricted too much because of my lack of money, money is one of the top few items on my 'WANT' list now. Many times, I am forced to do things the difficult way all because I don't have the money to buy my way through. A simple example: having to take stupid buses with confusing routes and transfers, 90 minute journeys and getting lost, all because I cannot spare a pathetic weeny $10 for a taxi ride which will take me only 30 minutes and save me time. It feels very ARGHHHH one you know. The examples doesn't just stop at these little inconveniences. I will do a more in-depth entry about my feelings towards money, probably after I'm fully over this hurdle. Money can't guarantee happiness but it makes it easier for you to find ways to reach happiness. Having no money to fulfill what makes you happy, guarantees unhappiness.

Ok, since I can't do anything now on this bare laptop, I shall go watch some videos and laugh my night away.

**Update after 2 minutes: What?! I cannot even load videos on YouTube without flashplayer... But, the laptop is refusing to start the installation what can I do?!?!?!


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  1. You really need to look on to the bright side of life Esther. Money don't always guarantee you happiness. (Well, at least permanent happiness) There are a lot of things which money can't buy. Yes I do understand that money secure us.. But having enough is good enough..

    And no matter what situations you encounter, learn to take it easy. (it can be hard) But if you are not taking it easy, you're stuggling with life. And it can lead to a miserable and bitter life.

    Btw, don't you have savings..? o.o

    Anyway, BE POSITIVE girl!! God Loves You.