Friday, January 11, 2013

Kampong Mimpi

I am quite hooked on the 9 o'clock dramas on Channel 8 recently. After lots of laughter watching "It Takes Two", I have been following "Beyond X元素", starring Jeanette Aw, Lee Nan Xing and Pierre Png. I don't watch it everyday but whenever I do, I find myself extremely intrigued by the story-line. Sometimes I find the script a little draggy, but I think it's only because I can't wait till the next episode to get the explanation and find out what's really going on. I kept trying to come up with logical explanations for the happenings! Haha. And, it is also quite ridiculous that so many absurd things happen around the female lead one after the other... But still, I find myself looking forward to each episode of the drama! At first I was quite appalled by Jeanette Aw's acting cute for her character but after awhile I find her quite cute! Haha. Love how she uses common Singaporean-language instead of proper mandarin sentences... Anyway, why is Pierre Png so charming? I think it has something to do with the fact that he always play those loving, devoted characters.

Oh and, I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the theme song!

Recently there was this chapter about "Kampong Mimpi", something about how it's a dream dimension. Her father claims that his life in the dream at Kampong Mimpi is the real thing and the real world is a dream. It's very interesting!

After that I went to translate the word 'Mimpi' and it's actually 'Dream' in english! Haha!

My boyfriend has been watching the series too and he told me he recognize the scenes where they filmed the Kampong and brought me there one day! He told me that this is the last-surviving village in Singapore.

For a person like me who grew up in the urban city, it's like entering a whole different world!

Took some photos with the Kampong as background!

Dress is from Earthdoll (located at Bukit Panjang Plaza #03-21). Wide range of apparels, mostly priced affordably from $10 - $15. Check them out if you are around the area! If this dress is still available at the store, I think it is very suitable for the upcoming Lunar New Year! Without being too red and striking, the color is mild yet bright enough for festive cheer! Plus, can wear it many times more after the Lunar New Year as it is a very versatile and simple design!

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  1. Hi babe! May i know where is this kampong mimpi in sg? hehe