Thursday, January 31, 2013

4 Outfits - Jipaban

Many people always think that refreshing one's wardrobe would cost a lot of money. Actually, it's all about mix-and-match.

For example, you do not require 4 new dresses, shoes, accessories for 4 different occasions. The trick is getting a couple of pretty pieces and matching it with other classics for a different style.

Awhile back, I got some items from Jipaban and wore them for 4 very different occasions. I will blog about the occasions separately but now I shall feature the clothes first! I repeated a few items but I thought the final coordinate was very unlike each other! Some people probably won't even notice that I re-wore the same thing.

First up, outfit for afternoon tea!

Own items:
White tank top
Nude heels

From Jipaban:
Herla Floral Skirt, Smitten
Tear Drop Shell Earrings, Accessori

The floral print on the skirt was suitable for a quaint tea setting. The color of the shoe and earrings matched with one of the floral color! Would be better if paired with a tank top of the same color too, so that it looks "neutral" and "earthy"!

- - - - - - - -
I went to the library another afternoon and wore this blue/white coordinate! I felt so young in it! Haha. I loved the vibrant blue color of the skirt and the bracelet!

Own items:
White Tank Top

From Jipaban:
Sherla Swing Skirt Blue, Smitten
Lachenga Reptile Strappy Black, Zapatos
EllaMae Shamballa Bracelet-Blue, Accessori
Lacyann Heart Necklace, Accessori

- - - - - - - -
Then on another day, I had a dinner date with my boyfriend and I wore this.

From Jipaban:
Pensta Collar Dress Red, Smitten
Cross Bandaged Heels Grey, Zapatos

- - - - - - - -
I also put together another coordinate by re-wearing the items I wore in each of the above.

(1) Reptile sandals which I also wore when I went to the library... I love these sandals! Especially so because the tri-colors alow me to pair it with either white, brown, or black easily! So versatile! There is a zip at the back so it makes wearing and removal of the sandals so much easier.

(2) I used the red collared dress I wore for dinner date as a top for this outfit. The material was not too rigid so I was able to feel comfortable while tucking it in.

(3) The floral skirt was from the afternoon tea coordinate. Again, the reds in the floral prints matched this outfit too!

I think this outfit is suitable for going to school for polytechnic students!

I had so much fun putting this entry together! I am one who do not like re-wearing the same dress if I can, but I'm okay with mix-and-matching same pieces for different looks. Hope you all like this entry and found some inspirations too!



  1. The first outfit is very sexy indeed. Love it!

  2. I really like the floral skirt in the first picture. My blog

  3. Your pink highlights look damn nice here! :)