Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mustard Knits

Hi everyone~ It was a busy week! I'm glad I scheduled enough entries for this blog in advance, so I didn't have to stress over updating this space! I spent my free time watching TV instead haha. I am totally loving the 9pm drama "Beyond". So sad that tomorrow is the finale. I hope there's a sequel!

So anyway, this another short outfit entry from this week.

Top: Mustard Knit
Re-wore this old top (got it in early 2012 and already worn once so it's considered old haha) that I found in my wardrobe. Seriously very warm in it although it's quite sheer! Was trying to find something to wear with the pair of shorts and thought that this mustard knit top is quite a good match for the shorts. My hair is in a mess because I felt that the bra showing was quite unsightly and wanted to use my hair to cover it. Fail lah, hair not thick enough. Haha.

It was a forgetful day. Forgot to wear tube inside, forgot to wear a long necklace for the plain top.

Shorts: Flag shorts from EarthDoll at Bukit Panjang Plaza [#03-21]

Bag: Studded bag from Lacquar

Close-up shot. Nails painted in new gelish color from Millys at Bugis (Call 6338 4137 for appointment)! Lots of new colors and I had a hard time choosing! This color is perfect for CNY in my opinion. The pink is sweet and easily matches with any outfit, especially those floral dresses. The tone is also very unique! Plus, Gelish lasts longer than normal nail polish so if you hate jostling with the crowd nearer to CNY, doing your CNY nails early is fine too.

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