Friday, January 16, 2015

A day at the countryside

Feeling a little bored with our usual movie-and-dinner dates, we decided to venture to the countryside one fine day!

We went to Farmart Centre, but were in for a disappointment. Compared to the crowd few years back when I last visited, it is now quiet and empty. Only 1-2 shops were opened the day we went.

We stopped at the parrots area for quite awhile. Probably the only spot within Farmart that has some activity going on.

The bird perched on his finger looks like it can blend perfectly into the picture canvas behind.

Tricks time! This little bird pulled this toy trishaw like a trishaw uncle! So adorable to watch! After that, they even had a game of basketball!

With nothing else to do at Farmart, we drove to nearby independent farms like Qian Hu Fish Gallery.

Remember the luohan craze many years back?

Went to feed some fishes!

I was seated by this pond with my mobile phone on my lap. When I stood up, I forgot about it and it dropped into the turtle pond!!!!!!!!!!! I was afraid to put my hands into the pond in case the turtle bite me and waited for bf to come from the opposite side and retrieve the phone for me and that resulted in a bit of delay. Quickly wiped it with a towel and was so afraid it would be the end for my phone there and then! Thankfully, the phone worked!!!! It was such a miracle!

After that, we went to D'Kranji Farm Resort!

Saw a pair of swings and parked by the roadside to sit on it for awhile, doing nothing except twirling round and round and round, taking in the afternoon fresh air and just relaxing. Haha. The nail art is an indication of how backdated this post is.... I had this design few months back!!!

Went to the backyard and explored around the fruit garden.

Wanted to get out as soon as I got in because there were so many insects flying around. How I wish I repel insects naturally.

Wearing striped romper from Earthdoll! Paired it with orange necklace and orange wedges!

Went back to Farmart for dinner because I saw BBQ wings on the way out earlier. IT WAS SUCH AN AWESOME DINNER. The BBQ wings were perfect, the sambal stingray was perfect, the chicken was also perfect! There was also a makeshift KTV at the dining area and it was quite entertaining to eat while watching amateur uncles and aunties sing hokkien songs on stage. Haha. Wanna go back just to eat this but it's so far in the west :(

Bf also brought me to see the Neo Tiew Estate, abandoned HDB which is now used for army training. That sums up my day at the countryside!

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