Monday, January 5, 2015

Physiogel: Ready for anything

Many of you may not know this, but I am actually working full-time besides maintaining this blog. I used to update daily as a student, and many other bloggers around me have said it would be difficult to keep updating so much after getting a real job. Well, time did become a constraint, but if you love something, you can always find time for it!

I guess this is the way modern women are nowadays. We just want everything. We want to excel in our career, spend time with loved ones, do the things we love, and at the same time, be beautiful. But there's only so much one can do with the limited time we have every day. Often, I neglect to upkeep my health and skin while busily pursuing other interests.

I remember some time back when I was going through a hectic period at work, I left the office late every night and hardly saw the light of day. I was cooped up in my office room for most hours that I was awake, and needless to say, it took a toll on my skin. My skin became dehydrated, sensitive, and irritable. It definitely did not make me feel good! I started feeling less confident about my looks and did not feel ready for anything.

Then, I was introduced to Physiogel's range of products. My dad is a frequent user of Physiogel's lotion because he has dry hands probably due to age, and he bought bottles after bottles so I thought it must be really good! I tried the cream first!

I found out that Physiogel is a recommended and clinically proven brand by many dermatologists because of its long experience, and advanced DMS (Derma Membrane Structure) technology that strengthens and repairs the skin's natural moisture barrier. The reason for my dry skin, besides genetic reasons, was also because of my prolonged time in an air-conditioned office room. Yes, I always thought that only the sun, haze, and outdoor surroundings affect our skin, so I didn't really bother to take much care of it since I spend most of my time indoors anyway. I didn't know that aircon and stress were contributing factors too! Should I just quit my job for my skin? Hahaha. (Boss, I'm just kidding, in case you are reading this :x I need my job. Lol.)

Do you know sometimes using harsh soaps and other unsuitable cosmetics might also be the reason for dry skin? But how could I avoid this? Cannot possibly not wash my dishes after meals, or refuse to try new cosmetic products! I do the latter a lot as a blogger, as I sometimes have to review cosmetic or new skin care products and every single time, it is a risk as I would not know if my skin would be too sensitive for them. For other women out there, I am sure some would continue using unsuitable cosmetic products without realizing it is the main cause for their sensitive skin!

I like how easily Physiogel has helped me to finally protect my skin from all the skin hazards I am exposed to, particularly the air-conditioning environment everyday in my lifestyle. Soon after, I also tried the lotion, which is actually a lighter version as some people do not like cream-based products. The lotion works well to relieve dry and tight skin, and is good for everyday use, just like the cream! Both are lightweight and even suitable for sensitive skin! You know how sometimes you don't want to use too many products and aggravate the situation when the skin is already bad, but no worries when using Physiogel because it is hypoallergenic. No preservatives, no perfumes, no dyes!

Both are really easy to apply! It's all up to personal preference on the amount used and you may use it during different times of the day! For example, you may want to use the cream in the morning before you head out since it provides long lasting moisture and restores the skin's elasticity (makes you look good!), then bring out a small bottle of lotion to keep you hydrated throughout the day. For me, what I look out for in a hand and body moisturizer is that it must not be sticky, and Physiogel is easy to apply and does not feel sticky even for the cream.

I now put a bottle of Physiogel lotion on my work desk so that it is within reach whenever I feel dry!

As I mentioned above, you can bring a small pack out with you on busy days! I like how there are many sizes available and the small one can fit into my bag just fine without being heavy at all or taking too much space!

I also want to introduce my favourite one out of the range - Physiogel Cleanser! When I come home feeling sticky and after being in the air conditioned office for the whole day, the cleanser helps to cleanse my skin thoroughly leaving it very soft and smooth after that! Really love the feeling everytime after I use the cleanser!

With Physiogel, I AM READY FOR ANYTHING! Bring on the busy schedule! I am no longer afraid about exposing myself to too much airconditioning. Check out!

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