Thursday, January 22, 2015

Video Shoot

Photos from the video shoot I did for a client some time back!

My skin complexion is usually okay, but on this particular day, several pimples broke out on my face including one super huge one, which is quite rare for me. Aiyo, early no come late no come, come on a day I had to go on camera! I also had morning bloating due to the early timing. Really is quite jialat!

Taken during a break! Thankful for the crew who were so patient towards me because I was quite nervous and couldn't say my lines smoothly! My spoken English has never been good.

When the shoot wrapped up I was famished! Went to a nearby restaurant for Indian food. Such a long time since I last ate Indian food! I remember I used to have them quite often, but not anymore. My favourite is masala prawns because I like the flavorful spice used in the dish. Ordered pepper chicken too because I wanted some meats (I cannot have no meats!!). Think I ordered too much because I was so full by the end of the meal!

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