Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dec14 in a nutshell

Some photo snippets of my month! December 2014 was mostly happy times with my friends and family. Love it when my schedule is packed!

Starting the entry with a pretty photo of the gifts that Fidelis got for me from her Europe honeymoon trip!


Finally brought my family to Chomp Chomp! Probably my favourite eating place because everything there is so yummy! Everytime I am there, I will order Oyster Omelette, Chicken Wings, Sambal Stingray, and Hokkien Prawn Mee. If only it is more easily accessible or nearer to home!


Another day, mum brought us to eat Jumbo seafood!

And we had two crabs! One salted egg and one black pepper. I loveeeeeeeeee crabs so much! It was my third crab in a single month :x The first one I ate with bf and I ate the entire crab. The second one I ate with Shelia and we both tackled one crab. Can never get sian of crabs!

The other dishes we ordered were also quite nice. Cod fish, seafood fried rice, seafood horfun, and roast chicken!


Another highlight in December was attending Eugene's wedding! I love attending weddings and sharing the joy of blissful couples. It was a fun night and we laughed so much! Our table is probably the most noisy one :x

Almost wore a bright pink dress. Luckily I decided on this black one in the end if not I really look out of place in this pic! Haha.


Thursday night at Hardrock although we have work the next day. We are all dressed in black! Haha.


Celebrated my birthday with the family in advance before the actual day with bf! Parents got me a wallet from Kate Spade Saturday while sis got me this bag from H&M. Love both!

Had dinner at Soup Restaurant. I really love the food here! Must-order is the Samsui Chicken! I think I can finish the entire plate on my own. Haha. Another one I always order is claypot beancurd. The sauce goes very well with the rice!

Nowadays I think there is no need for big cakes. Contented with just a slice! Blew the candle after midnight at home :)


Another dinner and drinks night with some new friends I got to know in 2014.


Went to Bugis Essensuals to touch up my roots and purple ends! Wayne is such an awesome hairstylist and I always leave the salon with beautiful hair because he understands my hair so well.

Call 63330039 to book an appointment and remember to quote my name to enjoy the 2+1 promo! For any 2 services you do, the 3rd one will be for free. For example, Cut+Color+Treatment! :)

With bf! Just showing off my purple hair. What color to do next?


Accompanied Fidelis to a belif event and it was fun catching up with her over dinner and getting to know Alene!

Jean Danker hosted the event and during a game of Bingo, I got Bingo twice but the first time I was too slow and someone else beat me to it. The second time, I totally didn't notice I got a Bingo! Aiya why so blur!

I have always liked belif products ever since I first tried their Aqua Bomb! It's really moisturizing and one of the better hydrating cream I have used.


Was shopping at Suntec City the other day and grabbed a photo with these two cuties! Most adorable Santa mascot I have ever since! The snowman too!

For Christmas, my family invited bf over and we had a huge meaty feast! Mum baked spring chicken, pork belly, potatoes and sausages while I brought back some char siew and roasted pork from Kay Lee!

Went to Orchard to check out the lights and feel the Christmas ambiance! I think that on Christmas, the whole Orchard Road should have a loud music player playing Christmas songs!

Photo moment while queuing for the toilet. Haha.

Dinner at Itacho Sushi. One of my favorite sushi places in Singapore because the only raw fish I eat is salmon and they have a wide variety of roasted/grilled sushi.

Was craving for big prawn noodles for a long time already! Any nice prawn mee to recommend? I want huge prawns one!

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