Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hungry Heroes

If you are a fan of superheroes, you are going to love today's entry!

Was invited by Art Art and Away to visit their art gallery and have dinner at Hungry Heroes, a superhero concept restaurant housed within!

While the rest had ciders, I had this recommended bottled serum - Stewart's Orange N' Cream ($5). Perfect drink to go with all the meat later!

The restaurant has a unique decor which made me feel I am far away from all the real world outside.

We had Hungry Heroes Platter - The Steak-out ($108+, serves 5 to 6)! It includes 200gm ribeye, full rack pork ribs, pulled pork, sausage trio, 250gm de-boned chicken leg, beef stew, veal osso bucco. What a feast! I am sure meat-lovers like me would love this.

My favourite out of all was the pulled pork and chicken leg, while they were all fawning over the beef! I guess they do their meats really well!

We also had the Truffle Mash Potato ($6+) which was extremely fragrant and unique. It's a must-order! Also had Deep Fried Luncheon Chips ($5+), which I know my bf would love if he was there!

After a sumptuous dinner, we went upstairs. Check out the decor! Love the bright colours and character!

Really like this area! There is a big table at that corner, which is really perfect for a gathering with friends.

The furniture and art pieces are for retail too. I checked out some of the prices and was surprised that they were all very affordable!

Didn't noticed at first but on a closer look, I realize the chandelier was made up of many superhero figures!

With Nadia and Jacelyn infront of the Hungry Heroes mural!

We had an enjoyable time at Hungry Heroes and Art Art Away! I think it's a nice themed restaurant to bring your boyfriend (men will love this place), or a friend who is a fan of superhero comics!

The restarant is located at 27 Tessensohn Road!

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