Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Poodle Cafe

Brought Ben and Isaac to The Poodle Cafe awhile back to support the owners! Today's entry is extremely pinky because the decor of the cafe is very girly and all pink. Love it!

I won't call myself a true dog lover because I'm actually quite afraid of aggressive ones! However, the puppies I met here are all very childlike and tame! I can see that the owners and staff of The Poodle Cafe dote on the dogs very much so maybe that's why all the dogs here feels generally happy!

This little puppy here captured my heart instantly! I was going down the staircase while it was going up. Midway, it stopped in it's tracks and looked up at me with it's cute eyes for a moment before moving on. Just one minute and this petite one became my fave already.

It's so cuddly!

Grabbed it to sit on my lap and it just rested on me comfortably without resistance.... How to not like this little puppy?

Another cute one!!

Customers are allowed to bring their dogs in, so there are also other adorable dogs at the cafe and not only poodles!

The cafe charges for food instead of an entry fee, which is quite awesome!

Ben and his obsession with tea -_-

I had the Ice Lemon Tea which is home-made and very refreshing!

Burgers for Isaac


I had the Fish and Chips. Out of all the main dishes offered, I recommend this!

We also had some nuggets and wings to munch on. Yums! I ate 4 out of 6 wings! I think Ben ate the entire basket of nuggets.

Feeding time for the little ones! We can order food from the dog's menu to feed them, and this was the highlight of our time at the cafe!

Haha check out the poodle at the background. The expression seems to say, "wah, food!!!".

Soon after, all crowded around patiently waiting for their turn to be fed. Check out the poodle standing with two hands on the table. SO ADORABLE!!!!! We were all shrieking with happiness. I think we were the noisiest table around that day!

This one climbed on my lap wanting to be fed! It's so big and fluffy!

Surrounded by dogs...

It was extremely fun feeding the eager dogs, we started to feed in super small portions so that our feed can last longer. Haha.

After feeding, it was time for desserts!

Waffles are good here. Must order! The ice cream is also the high quality type!

Check out the poodle pancake! Too cute to eat. Haha.

Another waffle, much to our delight!

The owners take every feedback seriously, and have so much passion in the cafe. Do support them! It's quite a nice experience, especially for dog lovers. I really want to go back again, mainly because I like how friendly and well-behaved the dogs are!

Better to make reservations! The cafe is also open for private parties booking :)

Call: +65 62820809 / +65 9725 3378

1G Yio Chu Kang Road
Singapore 545513

Wore this dress from to the cafe as it's so bright and cheery!

Love this photo with Isaac! :)

Group photo to end this entry! :D

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