Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Beast

Short entry today because I just reached home after a long day at work...

Had a sorethroat the other day but bf still brought me out to sin at The Beast!

It was an extremely hot day! Lemonade and southern sweet tea.

I wanted truffle fries but bf say "always truffle!", then proceeded to order Cajun Fries :'(

Ordered the 'Big Biscuit', which consisted of salad, sunny side up, candied bacon, buttermilk biscuit, and fried chicken. Quite a hearty dish! Recommended for chicken lovers, though I prefer the bacon to be normal instead of sweet.

Bf ordered the Mac and Cheese burger which sounds quite interesting! Also came in a generous portion. The fries are sweet potato instead of the usual type, which is quite good! This place feels really manly and suitable for an all-boys gathering ya?

Threw on a black jacket on top of the basic striped top that I got from I seldom do layering on my outfits but whenever I do, I love the result! Perhaps I should be hardworking more often.

Alright, signing off here! Tomorrow is another day at work before I see the weekends again!

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