Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy 2015

On new year day, me and my family went to the beach for a picnic! Luckily for us, the weather was alright. Slight drizzle, but at least it was breezy and not too hot!

It wasn't like the fanciful picnic I had with bf last year, but still very fun! Grandpa cooked his specialty fried beehoon and curry chicken. Yum yum!

After lunch, time for cycling!

Love cycling at East Coast Park because the lanes are relatively flat and the uphills aren't too steep. Best part is the slopes going down! Very shiok!

Cycled to the jetty...

So many people fishing! I'd love to try fishing one day!

With the sis!

Check out her pose when taking photo..... Still must put one leg up the rocks. Haha.

My cute cousins making sandcastles! No pails and shovel, so use disposable cups!

The little adorable one.

Went to the hawker centre nearby for our favourite chicken wings! Can never resist chicken wings. At first I was afraid we would be too full so I only ordered two for myself. After I finished the 2nd piece, I felt I should have ordered more! Hopefully the coffeeshop near my house next time have BBQ wings!

OOTD to the beach. Wore this layered top from Simple and basic!

Uncle showing some stunts to the older cousins. Haha. After that we played ball and it made me feel like I lost 2kg from all the exercising.

It's good to go to the beach once in awhile instead of shopping centres all the time!

Happy start to 2015 :)

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  1. Love beehoon and curry!!! Hahaha happy weekend dear! xo