Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bollywood Veggies

Another one of our 'ulu' weekend dates back in January! Yep, we drove from the east end of Singapore, to the far west of Singapore to visit Bollywood Veggies located at 100 Neo Tiew Road. I have actually heard about this place a long time back but didn't bother because you know, I am totally not a veggie person at all.

Finally arrived after a long ride!

This entire blog post is just greens and browns by the way. Haha.

We had lunch at Poison Ivy!

Found a seat next to a plot of land with rice plants.

We had the Warrior's Platter, which includes: Curry, Chicken Wings, Assam Fish, Tofu, Tempura and Chap chye.

Rice to go with the above!

We also ordered an additional portion of Banana Curry. It did have a tinge of banana taste but otherwise, not much difference from the original curry.

Chopped kangkong with garlic. Very healthy hor? Although I like Sambal Kangkong more, it was refreshing to eat healthy fresh veggies once in awhile.

We had a slice of banana cake for dessert, which was quite yummy with the ice cream and sweetened syrup!

After lunch, we went to explore the garden!

Spot a swing hanging on a tree!

There was a huge lake full of lotus leaves!

My checkered skirt is c/o Earthdoll. Quite an interesting piece because it's a faux-jacket that comes attached with the tights.

Spiky tree trunk!

Lots of photo opportunities for the vain. Haha.

Quite a change from our usual dinner-and-movie dates but I am feeling a little queasy now looking at too much greens. Excuse me while I go to the windows and take a look at the nice blue sky.

Told ya I am not a veggie person. Meat over Veggie any time!

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