Saturday, April 25, 2015

Valentines 2015

How time flies! In the blink of an eye, 2.5 months have passed since Valentines Day!

We went to iiLido, an Italian restaurant in Sentosa. Here are the photos for memory's sake! :)

Food was not bad and I enjoyed the quiet ambiance. Although we sat inside, I was quite attracted to the outdoor balcony which has a golf course and sea view!

Couple photo! ^_^

Flowers! Always happy to receive flowers.

Earlier this week, we had this conversation about how he thinks flowers are a waste of money but I think flowers are worth it because it makes the girl happy and happiness is priceless.
Awhile later....

Me: "Flowers waste money right. Then you buy me a condominium lor. Condo is investment. Not waste of money at all. Hehe."

I am sure I will be more than happy to sacrifice not receiving flowers in exchange for receiving condominiums! Valid point hor? Hahaha.

Gift from bf!

Went to watch a romance comedy after that but definitely not 50 shades of grey. Not our type of movie + I read excerpts of the book and found it boring and overrated and ridiculous. I couldn't relate to the lead at all. Haha. The number of people watching 50 shades of grey on Valentines Day was insane! The theaters were mostly full, but our movie only had 2-3 couples. Haha. So big difference!

Then at night, we went to have crabbies!! Yum yum!

It was a very happy Valentines day spent!

After dating him, I learnt that 'Love is a choice'. Either you choose to stay, or you choose to leave. There will always be reasons to leave, and love is when one decides to stay despite imperfections. Relationships end when one gives up or think that there are greener pastures out there. 有走的自由,卻想要停留,才是愛的最好理由.

A relationship may not necessarily be a smooth journey, especially after all the sparks wear off. It requires effort and commitment from both parties to make it work. If one stops trying, there can never be balance and the relationship will never last. I think that the key to every relationship is to be comfortable but never complacent. One tip I keep in mind, is to always treat each other the way you would on a first date. If it's something you would never do on a first date, then don't do it; for example, losing temper at trivial matters, or like, wearing a frown throughout the date, etc.

Of course, we are not the super sweet type of couple and at times I wish he could make me feel more loved. He is not very vocal about his feelings and I cannot read his mind if he doesn't voice out. Often he is too practical although sometimes he show his love in little ways unexpectedly. I am very thankful that we understood each other better with time. I guess we just have to keep appreciating the good stuff and not let negative traits overshadow the good.

Don't stop impressing, don't stop chasing. I wrote a similar blog entry more than a year back. Read here:


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