Saturday, April 18, 2015


I don't usually take so many photos of a single outfit! Couldn't resist because of the pretty backdrop, and also because I love this dress very much!

Bf had a gathering with his friends at Morton's and brought me along!

They booked a private room~

Morton's is very much a steak place, and probably wasted on me because I don't eat beef. Haha.

Fries for sharing!

I was the only one who had seabass that night~ It is really yummy, especially love the pieces of crab meat! I won't say no if bf wanna bring me to Mortons again, hehe.

Bf had his favourite steak - what a huge chunk!

So full already but we still had souffle for dessert.

Average bill for two people is probably around $300. No pretty view, but exceptionally good food. Thumbs up! No wonder it's a favourite restaurant for many.

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