Friday, April 17, 2015

Win a box of apparels!

Haven't been doing much recently, except for work and TV. In addition to my usual favourite taiwanese variety show "Kang Xi Lai Le", I am very hooked on local productions on like:

- 118 (I dont want this series to ever end!!! So glad that they extended the number of episodes!)
- Second Chance 流氓律师 (Love the storyline, and I think Desmond did quite well here! Such a waste because it's not on Channel 8 Primetime and there are only 13 episodes... )
- Love 限量爱情 (6 episodes of different love stories, touching on different type of issues)
- Sabo (A show on Toggle pranking celebrities)
- Mars VS Venus (New talkshow discussing gender related topics)
- Hui Jia Zhou Zhou3 回家走走3 (I especially liked Kate Pang's episode because she's so funny. I really like her character!)
- The Games We Played (Lighthearted variety show and I like the hosts)

Here are some of my favourite dramas that I want to rewatch!
- Marry Me 我要嫁出去
- Man at Forty 跑吧!男人
- Together  当我们同在一起
- *variety show* 爆料黑玫瑰 2 Black Rose 2
- *variety show* 学校没教的事

After I finish all these, I also want to watch the new drama series 'Tiger Mum' by Huang Bi Ren, and new variety show 'Face Off' because it's hosted by Kate Pang!

Got no time for other things!

Oh speaking of local dramas, I am really sad that Shaun Chen did not get nominated as best actor for his role in 'Blessings 祖先保佑'. Oh well, at least he got in for 'Tumultuous Times'. I didn't really like him last time but after recent likeable roles like the one in 'The Dream Makers', 'Blessings', and 'Tumultuous Times', I really like him now!

Just a quick update with some OOTDs that I haven't posted here plus a giveaway at the end!

Saw this backdrop of flowers, and just had to take my ootd infront of it!

Paired this unique grey top with denim shorts (75 baht/sgd3) and floral wedges (100baht/sgd4) from bkk!

All three above are from my apparel sponsor :) More options available at the retail shop; bukit panjang plaza #03-21. Heading down again tomorrow to pick out more clothes. Looking forward!


I am really slow because this photo is quite awhile back! Still in love with the purple ends done by my hairstylist Wayne at Essensuals Bugis. Call 63330039 for appointment and quote Esther to get 3rd service free! (e.g cut-color-treatment)

I think I am going for duo-color ends next! Can't decide between purple + pink or purple + blue!

Top is from Key in ESTHERXIE upon checkout for $2 off with free local postage!

Floral romper from too!

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