Wednesday, April 1, 2015

NOX Dine in the dark

For our 3rd year anniversary last week, we decided to experience something different, and dined in the dark at NOX.

We were first brought to this dimly lit lounge and presented with a menu by the staff. The prix fixe dinner set, at $88++ per pax, consists of Amuse Bouche and three courses of four dishes each. At this stage, it is also advised that we let the staff know of any diet restrictions we may have. I do not eat oyster and beef, and I requested that both of us be the same although he do love the latter, because I am afraid that I would accidentally get served his dish. I was concerned that I would not be able to recognize beef on my platter in the dark! Then, I realize how much I rely on my sense of sight when I have my food. Few days later, I was dining with my friends when I realize that I tend to leave out bits and pieces that I do not like before I even tasted it, all because I could see that it was something that I didn't usually like.

The amuse bouche was served in the lounge, and it was good enough to make us look forward to the meal upstairs, in pitch black.

Nox signature cocktails at $20++ each. Both of us are not good with alcohol, so we got them done without. He had the 'strawberry fields' which I didn't like because it had a strong almond taste, but I loved my choice of Bacciferous, which was mostly citrus fruits, berries, and mint.

At this point, I was starting to get nervous. I was afraid of the uncertainity of darkness. Ridiculous things ran through my head, like what if got ghost, or lizard crawling over my plate and me cutting its tail, or me mistaking a beetle for half a cherry and munching on the juicy thing. This is how helpless one can be without the sense of sight.

It was finally time to head upstairs and we were led up by a blind server, who welcomed us and told us to put our hands on each other's shoulder in a row while we walked up the stairs. One of the girls behind froze in her steps once we reached pitch black darkness, and our server had to go over and comfort her. After that, we were led to our seats. When I touched the back of the seat, I thought that the chair faced the opposite direction but luckily he guided me to face the correct side else I would probably land on my butt! At that moment, in total darkness, I needed and relied on the assistance of a blind. I felt admiration of how much they knew more than me, in that room.

I settled down comfortably and did not feel so afraid anymore. I looked infront of me and all I saw, was this. It was darker than dark, darker than when I close my eyes at night.

On most of our dates, bf has the tendency to look everywhere else except at me, so I jokingly told him, "You happy right? Finally no need to look at me during dinner. Hahaha."

He reached out to feel my face with both his hands in the dark, and I said "don't touch my fake lashes later they drop!" At certain points during dinner, he being annoying like always, deliberately kept quiet when I asked questions, to make me think he wasn't there. Luckily, I know him well enough to know that he cannot secretly leave his seat in the dark without any problem. Lol.

The food was served in small bowls and we had to feel for it. We could choose either fork or spoon and I used spoon throughout most of the meal before coming to the conclusion that I should probably use fork because I kept dropping food with the spoon. Haha. I was thinking, if people could view us through night vision glasses, one could see how uglily I ate. However, I could feel for my cup and bring it to me with more stablity than I usually do at dinner tables, probably due to the peace and serenity in the dark, quiet room.

Bf ate super fast but all I wanted to do was to slowly taste the food and feel the textures. The only imperfection of the meal was that because I am not a dessert person, I felt that four bowls of dessert was too much. Told bf I should forgo my dessert and exchange it for another platter of main course instead. Haha.

The food was not spectacular but we both enjoyed the experience of dining in the dark very much.  I don't mind visiting again since the menu changes quite often!

Matching outfits - unplanned! Haha. My dress is from! Usually I get summery clothes from the stop but I got this one which is more proper and not usually my style, and reserved it for a nice dinner date!

Had such a difficult time thinking of what I could gift to him because he seem to already have everything he wanted, and the things he couldn't get for himself, are still all beyond my reach. In the end, I decided to buy a watch for him to represent all the time we spent together.

Thank you bf for the past three years and this lovely gift :)

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