Saturday, May 2, 2015


This happened in September 2014 but I only managed to sort out the photos today! This entry is probably my most overdue post ever! Haha.

When I told bf that I haven't try rollerblading before, he got his friend to teach me one fine day!

Here's Alvin teaching me how to balance on concrete after getting me to try walking on grass!

After awhile, I finally can blade few meters on my own without support!

In the midst of learning, while Alvin left us alone to roller-blade on his own for awhile, bf made me blade across the road while assuring that he would hold on to me. When almost reaching the end, I could neither turn nor brake so I screamed for him to stop us before we fall and he said he don't know how to brake also! Then what's the point of me holding onto him!!! Kena bluff. Hahaha. End up he asked me to grab a branch of a tiny tree opposite to stop myself. There were so many ants on that branch but at that point in time, I couldn't care less because if I don't grab that branch, I would probably fall the next second. Lol.

Yep, I wore knee guards, ankle guards, and wrist guards because I was very sure I would fall! But luckily I didn't fall at all! Hehe.

Learnt how to rollerblade on straight paths but if a staircase or slope appear, or if I want to stop, I defintely have to hold onto someone. Haha. It was extremely tiring at the end of our short session! I wonder how other people look like they can roller-blade effortlessly!

It was extremely shiok to quench our thirst with Ice Milk Tea in a coffee house after all that energy spent!

Quite fun lah! At least now I can tell people I have roller-bladed before. Hahaha.


  1. It is a fun time when rides a roller blade in the park. You are so cute