Friday, May 15, 2015

My first time playing mahjong!

A happy and fun-packed weekend earlier this year!

Went to HDB hub with bf to check out the newly renovated showrooms which we weren't able to visit when we applied for our BTO last year. Although we booked a 5 room flat, it was very interesting to also visit the 2/3/4-room showrooms! Told bf I actually quite like the studio apartment because it felt very cozy but he still insist he prefer big spaces. Haha. Well, what I feel is, how big can a 5-room HDB flat be? If really want big, go for super big and get a huge mansion instead! I would gladly forgo 'cozy' for a grand and beautiful mansion hahaha.

After that, we went to Seletar Mall for lunch and movie. I love watching movies but it seem like the screening times in Singapore are very limited. I wanted to watch a particular movie that day, but all the theaters are showing it at either 7pm or 9pm. Don't have 8pm de! 7pm is too rush and 9pm is too late. 8pm is just nice~

Afterwards we went to check out the building progress of our BTO at Punggol! Nothing up yet during that time, but now already started with 2nd/3rd storey! So excited~ Faster build faster build! Haha.

This is the beautiful field behind, which leads to the sea. It would probably be under construction for other new homes by the time we move in. Such a pity because I would love to have such a pretty backyard! I always feel good when I visit the BTO site, and I already love our new home even though it's not even built yet! (But if can nearer to LRT/MRT will be better. haha. Looking at how far we are from the nearest station, I may have to cab everyday -_-)

Afterwards, bf dropped me off for my gathering with this bunch at Eugene's house. Missing Amber who couldn't make it that day! These are the people I can comfortably talk to about anything and everything even though all six of us have very different personalities. Our group chat is active every single day and moment, on weekdays on weekends, from morning when I just woke up till night just before I sleep. Haha.

 Yummy zi-char dinner!

Eugene taught me how to play mahjong and I am so hooked on the game ever since. I want more mahjong sessions!


  1. Hahah! Win or lose tat day! I also dunno how to play mahjong! :P

    1. Lose that day! But I won the next mahjong session! Hehehe.