Monday, May 11, 2015

Stranger's Reunion

I had a $20 voucher to Stranger's Reunion that was expiring soon so I thought, why not drop by the cafe to make use of it instead of letting it go to waste. So one fine afternoon me and bf visited the cafe, had a nice meal, and went back to the car with a $70 parking summon.... See lah, want to make use of free food, ended up with a loss of $70 instead! Haha. Actually it is a nice punishment for bf lah. He always forget to buy parking coupons and he already kena summon multiple times throughout the three years we have been together! So not worth it! Luckily after that he went to buy a stack and put inside the car already.

Stranger's Reunion was crowded as usual.

Recently, I constantly feel the lack of free time to slowly enjoy life and do the things that make me happy. What's the point if we spend all our days unhappily doing all these "necessary" things we dislike? Time is so limited and precious. Have been trying to squeeze time as much as I can so that I can balance the both, but I'm so tired now :'( Seems like balance only belongs to rich people who can delegate most tasks they dislike to other people and maximize time on doing happy stuff!

Just some days before this, I told myself I MUST slim down already.... But then look at me, I just cannot resist all these fattening food. Haha.

Yum yum~ Love berries waffles!

Wore this sheer outerwear c/o Earthdoll. Not my usual style but it's a nice break from girly floral dresses. Oh ya, check out my bandaged injured toe.

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