Saturday, May 9, 2015


It has been some time since I last painted! Arts has always been my favourite subject in school, because I feel that painting is very therapeutic and helps to clear my mind. Also, there are no boring theory lessons that I have to memorise!

I love drawing and painting in classes, but hated exams because they tend to test on abstract art. I think that I fare extremely badly in abstract. I prefer to draw and paint exactly what I see.

Painted a colorful art piece this time! While searching for landscapes to reference, I found an entire gallery of paintings by Jean-Marc Janiaczyk and I really like his works! I painted this looking at one of them. Think I will try some of his other paintings next time. Hopefully I will improve with each canvas :)

Some of my previous paintings:

All things sweet -
Pair of birds -
Flower pot -
Field of flowers -
Bridge and skies -

Not sure what I should paint next!

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