Friday, May 22, 2015

Cute Bear Sushi

The cute bear sushi was the main reason we visited Appare Udon, located at Novena Square 2! Anyway, I think it's actually quite easy to make the above bear sushi. Use aburaage to wrap sushi rice, put a "wang wang" (google "旺仔小馒头") as nose and barley pearls as ears. Then, use teriyaki sauce for the eyes and nose!

Actually I read another blog and they had panda maki sushi as well but it was no longer on the menu when we went.

Had Tonkotsu udon in a hotpot! Few years back there was a period of time I craved for udon all the time, especially the springy type! By the way I watched Kangxilaile, a Taiwanese variety show that day and this actress said that she went to Japan but didn't know how to order food in the restaurants, so she called a friend for help. She requested for something seafood and soupy, so the friend taught her to say "Kani Nabe", which means Crab Hotpot. It was extremely funny because the pronunciation is also vulgar in a certain dialect. Haha.

They have super big size for curry udon but we ordered the regular one. I saw other people ordering the prawn tempura and it was so huge, very tempting!

Wore this oriental peplum top from :) Gonna be heading to the retail store again tomorrow to pick out clothes for my holiday trip next month! So excited! Always love shopping at Earthdoll ^_^ Visit it at Bukit Panjang Plaza #03-21!

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