Sunday, September 9, 2012

To The Science Centre

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So yesterday, I was at home and I started to tweak my blog design a little and as you can see, I've change the top header and also the main color of the blog.

How is it? Does full-white looks very boring compared to my previous full-pink color theme? I feel that it does look like something is missing. Or maybe I'm just not very used to it. I've been having pink backgrounds since forever!

I think I like the new design but I'm still a little undecided.. I don't really like that the grass at the header background makes the whole color theme very green. Plus, it's not even mint green. It's muddy green. Tsk!

Need to go take a nice photo against a pink background soon. Haha.

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Some time back I headed to Science Centre just for fun!

There was a Mini Maker Faire going on that weekend, but it was kind of disappointing. Too technical for me! More detail about the Exhibit further down the entry.

Also found this Treehouse, which I have never noticed in all my past visits. Is it new? It's so fun albeit too many insects. There was even a sign there stating that there is a snake living somewhere near. O_O

Well, we got ourselves IMAX tickets to start our visit. Arabia was the show for the nearest timing.

This was my second time watching an IMAX movie I think. I've always been awed by the screen. In some scenes where we see birds' eye view of the city, it feels like we were really on a helicopter flying over it. I think this is because the screen stretches all the way to the ends of our vision.

The show was kinda boring though. Proceeded to the main science centre after that.

On to the Mini Maker Faire, I attempted this wire buzz thingy and I conclude that I don't really have very good control of my hands. Haha. Look at those two strangers behind me looking on, with an expression even more serious than my own.

Cool robots that can do various actions.

Got out of the faire and went into this section at the Science Centre. There were Typhoon and Earthquake stimulator which we tried out all.

Also had loads of fun at the machines at the genetic section. Found out that my face looks better on one side, but I forgot which side already..

And my favorite is the egg/chick section! When we were there, one of the eggs already cracked and this chick was already moving around! Didn't manage to catch any other eggs hatching :(

On to the Treehouse ^_^

Pulley thing.

Not a bad day overall!

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Necklace is from


  1. I love the new layout. It's very simple. :)

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  3. i really love the header background! the colors just match perfectly! ^^