Monday, September 24, 2012

Roses are beautiful but they have thorns too

You come across a garden of roses. It is so enchanting that just one look at it and you jump right into the bed of pretty petals. At first touch, the petals are soft and warm.

But you can't float on top of the petals forever. You fall deeper, and touch the thorns. It's painful. But for the beauty, you let the thorns hurt you.

After much struggle, you leave the bed of roses and continue down the path. You come across another bed of daisies. You lay in the bed of comfortable sunshiney daisies and enjoyed in the simplicity of it all. Daisies aren't as beautiful, but they make you happy nevertheless. Something's missing, but still, it's good. You forget about the roses.

Then one day, you see a rose petal on the path (Yes, it's always the beautiful petals that appear to remind you, never the thorns). You remember the bed of roses, you remember the pain, yet you also remember the beauty of the petals so much more.

This is exactly how I feel when I clicked on something and saw a video that was sent to me by someone, some time back. Emotions came over me when I saw the date it was sent. It makes so much sense.

都是因為你 我一直漫步

誰給誰束縛 誰比誰辛苦

好的事情 最後雖然結束
感動十分 就有十分滿足
謝謝你 是你陪我走過那些路
痛 是以後無法再給你幸福

好的事情 也許能夠重複
感動時分 就算紛紛模糊
不要哭 至少你和我記得很清楚
愛 是為彼此祝福

Ok, whatever. I'm fine now :D