Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kingpot Steamboat


Was invited by the kind folks at Kingpot Steamboat Restaurant for dinner one day. Mum and Sis joined me!

Kingpot is located at Big Splash at East Coast Road. It's not easy to get there without a car, I must say. Or maybe I'm just really lousy at taking buses.

Besides the one that I take everyday from the interchange to home, I get lost on other buses 4 out of 5 times. So if I ever board an unfamiliar bus and get to my destination successfully, it's an achievement to be very proud of already. Haha. So anyway, I checked before leaving the office and saw that from my initial destination to Big Splash via cab is $6. But in the end I decided to take the MRT and then a bus, since the time is quite short too and only 4 stops! What can go wrong with only 4 stops right?? Yea..... totally wrong. I got lost on the bus again. I ended up alighting a few stops ahead of where I was supposed to alight!

I think that buses should have a board stating the location, like GPS. If not how would I know when to alight? Some places have no obvious landmarks! Usually the information will say "Alight Opposite Amber Gardens". How do I know how "Amber Gardens" look like? How do I know it's a garden, or a condominium, or what? Sometimes, the signboard is so tiny, you can't even see it! Plus, on buses, you need to press the bell before the next stop right? But most of the time, I won't even be able to spot whatever is "Amber Gardens" until it appears right in front of me, which is when the bus starts to leave the bus stop -_-

No use knowing the number of stops because sometimes the driver skip certain stops if no one press the bell. If it's your first time on the bus, you would not even know a stop was skipped!

If only everything was easy like MRT. So anyway, I ended up taking a cab back, which is $6+. Should have just took a cab from my initial location and save all the trouble! I tweeted about all these and received a call from my mum who told me she also got lost the same way earlier. Haha.

Despite the flurry of getting there, I was immediately won over by the ambiance upon entering the restaurant. Totally love the chandeliers!

Fresh fruit juices are ideal for steamboat sessions as they are refreshing yet does not bloat you like how gassy drinks do. If only other steamboat joints serve fruit juices like Kingpot!

The specialty sauce which looks like a scoop of ice cream, tastes especially good with mutton, which is one of their recommended choice of meat too.

There were several type of soup to choose from and we had the premium mushroom soup. Each of us had individual pots to cook our own food. I like it this way! Then I won't keep losing my meat to other people! Haha.

The pots are specially imported and boils the soup fast without drying it up.

Our platter of mutton! I ended up eating most of it because the two of them are busy happily eating their big platter of wagyu beef, which I don't eat.

Of course, how can we forget pork meat? It is always a safe and yummy choice for steamboat.

Our food was presented on this "boat". Very nice! There was a wide variety of veggies like leafy ones, corn, different types of mushrooms, lotus, tofu etc.

The prawns are worth mentioning! Plump and fresh! There was also a meat ball which was very tasty, you have to try it!

Dessert! Mum was full of praise for this Tiramisu cake.

I've read online reviews from other customers before accepting the invitation. Most of the comments were that the price at Kingpot Steamboat Restaurant is on the high side. However, I feel that it's totally worth it for the comfortable dining experience. I have many friends who love eating steamboat but hate the stuffy, messy, sometimes unhygienic steamboat joints outside that make you stink after dining. I'm sure steamboat lovers would definitely love such relaxing environment in contrast to the usual noisy ones we always go to. For special occasions, it is a place worth considering. Besides, the food are also of better quality plus at Kingpot, the service is commendable. We enjoyed the dinner session very much!

Kingpot Steamboat
902 Block B East Coast Parkway, #01-05 Big Splash, Singapore 449874
Tel: 6348 7997

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Outfit of the day is from I like the scallop edges and the colorful heart print!

Photo with my sis.

Found this bright lamp and stood under it to snap several photos. Haha.

Ending abruptly here. Ok bye!

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