Monday, September 24, 2012


It was my turn to bring the girls somewhere for Mystery Makan!

I decided to bring them to Ardents at 80 Neil Road.

There was outdoor seating which was beautiful, but luckily Fidelis chose the indoor seating because it was scorching outside!

Inside, was a totally different "feel". Very homely!

There weren't many people when we were there for lunch. I guess it is more crowded at night, as they have a bar counter too.

More photos of the interior. Told ya it looks homely! Seem like a suitable place for Christmas parties. Haha.

Someone ordered "Golden Shower". I was thinking... "What a beautiful name!" but Nadia shared the meaning behind the name and we were like... Ewwwwww. The drink was quite untouched for the rest of the meal. It was not very tasty either. Not sure if that has anything to do with knowing the meaning behind the name. Haha.

We all had all-day-breakfast! Most of us ate the same (Eggs Benedict with Bacon/Ham) so... just some photos!

I love my platter! It had everything I love. Bacon, smoke salmon, mushrooms, sausage, sunny side up... Yums!! If only they had sauteed potatoes too, it would have been excellent.

After lunch, we went outdoors to take photos in the lovely front yard.

My floral dress with mesh is from! Sweet right? So suitable for a place like Ardents ^_^

Me on a swing. Beside the swing are some rabbits with too much eyeliner. Haha.

All of us came in a different shade of blue, although there wasn't any "blue" dresscode for the day! I love all of their outfits too!

I'm looking forward to the next Mystery Makan session with them!


  1. hi Esther,

    may i know the price range for the food that you guys order? :)

  2. whats the meaning of golden shower?

  3. Wah! The 4 ..............(-_-)