Friday, September 14, 2012

Chiso Zanmai

Sorry everyone, it's another food entry! :-p

Happened to know of this relatively new Japanese buffet place at Clarke Quay. Thought the price was quite reasonable and the place looked quite nice! Decided to head there for lunch one day. It is located at The Central.

It was quite crowded when we reached at around 1plus. But my suggestion for you is to go at 12pm. It seems like they don't replenish food after 1pm because even before 2pm, some of the food were already unavailable and they did not replenish the platters. Thus, I was quite displeased that there were quite a lot of food I missed because I didn't grab everything at first serving -_- Well, I thought that they would replenish the food since there was still more than an hour to closing, and there were still so many people around. In the end, I think that I actually ate very little, in comparison to the variety of food initially available.

A little bit of everything. Personally, I'm not a fan of sweet food, so it didn't really go well with my taste buds.

Tried both the Tonkotsu and Shoyu ramen, which was made on the spot upon request. The noodle was normal but passable.

To be honest.... most of the food was so-so. Nothing really made me go "wow!", except that I did went back for Chawanmushi Round 2. But that's because I love that thing, and they taste almost the same everywhere, right?

There was a decent variety of Japanese desserts to go for.

What are these for? Toppings selection for your own soft serve icecream!

Squeezed our own ice cream from the soft serve machine.

My final product! Very simple, because none of the other toppings attracted me. Actually I did not even want to put those colorful balls but I did it just so that photo will look nicer. Haha.

So anyway, this is the end of my dissatisfying lunch because from so many platters (empty ones -.-), I only had the chance to eat some of them. I guess the low price is the main attraction for this place?

Outfit of the day is from Coccomomo. Those are little hearts printed against the black dress.

Went to watch "Imperfect", and it was a good movie! I felt that it reflected close-to-accurate details of Singapore triads, unlike many other shows that only shallowly touch the surface of triad affairs, obviously not doing enough research. At least I felt that for this one, the storyline had a head, a body and a tail. For a local film, I feel that it has exceeded my expectations.

And my new manicure done at Millys - Far East Plaza! I call it the milkshake nails. Don't those lovely colors look like mango smoothie and strawberry milk? I chose these two shades from a range of new gelish colors that just arrived at the salon. I was so spoilt for choice! That's why I ended up with two colors. Haha. I'm so excited to go back again to try out the other new colors!


  1. Hi Esther, may I know where you got the pair of sandals you wore to Central? It's very pretty :)

  2. It's from Bugis Street! I think it was only $10 and comes in black too!

  3. Hi Esther! May i know which brand is the gelish u did?