Wednesday, September 5, 2012

ZA Lip Drops X Les Affaires

It was an cozy affair at Les Affaires for ZA Cosmetics' blogger event, and I truly had fun choosing shades from some of their latest products!

The highlight of the evening was "Lip Drops" and "Pure Shine". You can see a glimpse of the "Lip Drops" behind "Eyes Groovy" in the photo above. I decided on my shades easily for these two products.

"Glamorous Gold" and "Hey Cutie".

What really got me excited was "Pure Shine". We had 10 shades to choose from and I was torn between 5. Pretty Pink and 10. Mango Passion. After much deliberation, I settled on Mango Passion, an orangey shade but was told that other girls were faster and all Mango Passions were grabbed up already! Apparently this color is very popular too! So I said I'd get Pretty Pink then. ALL GRABBED UP TOO!!! Wah, I am really too slow in choosing! Haha. But luckily, we found one last Pretty Pink. Happy! ^_^

I recently started wearing lip sticks and I am constantly on the look out for nice shades that suit me. I was using MAC Cremesheen Everhip frequently previously but now I'm mostly using Pretty Pink from ZA Pure Shine! It's not dry and I like that the color is suitable for daily wear.

Love the exterior design!

Photo with bubbly Clara, who was also at the event.

Not forgetting Les Affaires! I had fun picking a piece from their racks, although I also took a long time because there are just too many choices. Haha. I also took a bottle of this. It smells really good!

This is what I got from Les Affaires! Don't you love their packaging? ^_^

Photo with Jayne, who accompanied me to the event. :) My dress is from! Many similar dresses at the site.

Had late dinner at Din Tai Fung with Silver and Clara after the event. It has been months since I last ate Din Tai Fung! Missed it much. These are the starters, chosen by us, one each. Can you guess which one I chose? .... If you know me well enough, obviously the drunken chicken. Haha.

Till date, I don't think I have ever eaten better egg fried rice than the one at Din Tai Fung.

Xiao Long Baos! Oh no I'm really craving for Din Tai Fung already now.

Went over to TCC for drinks when Din Tai Fung closed for the day.

Was fun chatting with the girls!

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