Tuesday, September 11, 2012


If there was a competition for procrastination, I would probably win it.

I actually have a lot of things to do. My to-do list at home is overflowing. I have got things to do like register my new i-banking device. And unpack my luggage from my stay at Ritz Carlton two weekends back O_O And click "check out" on my already full shopping cart before all the items that I want on that site get sold out, again. And update my blog. And give my neglected face some facial mask loving. Among plenty of other things.

I always say "Nevermind, I'd do it tomorrow. Then tomorrow comes. Nevermind, I'd do it during the weekends when I'm more free.  Then weekend comes. Nevermind, later. Then night comes. Nevermind, it will get done on its own."

I think I have always been the kind to procrastinate, but recently it has gone to a whole new level. My brains feels so exhausted from work everyday that upon reaching home in the evening, I just want to crash and sleep. Even after fighting the tiredness and placing myself in front of the computer hoping to churn out a blog entry or two, I end up watching video after video on YouTube. It doesn't help that Mum is watching awesome TVB dramas one after another, I find myself hooked on HER screen instead of mine.

So anyway, I updated the "FAVE" section on my blog! You can enter via the tab above. It is done up halfway now but I decided to just publish it first as it is likely to take forever to complete. Will be editing and updating the page with more links this few days!


  1. Hi! can you recommend some nice TVB dramas that your mum have been watching!? Thank you!

    1. Hi! Here are some TVB dramas this year that I especially enjoyed watching :)


  2. If you able to upgrade your blog time to time,the visitors will not Desperate.They will always remain beside with you like me.