Tuesday, September 18, 2012


There are two kinds of blogs that I love to read.

1. Blogs with huge, pretty photos. Bloggers who looked like they are living an awesome life. 
It gives me hope. It lets me dream that someday I'd be rich enough to do what I like doing too.

2. Blogs with plenty of honest opinions, thoughts of life, random ramblings. 
Right from the start, many years back, blogging started out as a platform to share thoughts. Yet it has now evolved to become a showcase of photos with simple captions that simply describes what is shown on the photo without any elaboration. I am very much guilty of having such blogging method now.

To be honest, in the past I blamed this evolution on Twitter. Because of Twitter being more of a mobile app that I can access to immediately whenever I have "feelings", Twitter becomes the bucket I throw my "feelings" into. In contrast, as it is not easy to upload photos and blog long paragraphs using mobile, people usually blog at home after the dust has settled. Thus, blogs are usually for "after I get home, maybe 3 days later", unless I happen to have a computer right beside me as my thoughts come, which is not very often. People usually have more thoughts when they are in transit, waiting for something and doing nothing. People usually encounter incidents outdoors, as compared to at home or at work. 

However, I feel that I cannot blame Twitter for my deteriorating quality in blogging anymore because I do not even ramble much on Twitter anymore! Perhaps it is just the laziness in forming my thoughts into proper sentences.

Today I was browsing through several blogs by people I know in real life, who are not well-known bloggers. I loved reading such blogs because the content is always honest, in-depth and full of opinions that induce thoughts in the reader. I hope I will have more thoughts too so that I have more stuff to write here!

So anyway, I've been thinking about something. Are people successful because of the chances given to them, or are more chances given to successful people? Do people face failures because of the lack of chances, or because lesser chances are given to less successful people?

I guess the world works in such a way. The rich gets richer, because each harvest gives them more chances of opening up more doors of income, resulting in even more chances of opening up even more doors of income. And the poor gets poorer, because they have no chance of opening up any door of income. Yea, some poor people gets an opportunity to cultivate a little something to a big empire and turn rich, but how many poor people have such an opportunity? This "opportunity", assuming they come in the form of lets say... $100, to start that little potato stall business, seems like such a miracle to any poor person, but that same "opportunity" is something that any rich person can easily get just by putting their hands into their handbag, open up a chain potato business and throw in funds for marketing. The chance of success is likely to be higher since more can be done, unlike the poor man with only $100 and limited resources to spend on marketing.

Let's not talk about how some rich people do not know how to fully utilize their "opportunity". At least they have a chance to waste their "opportunity" while poor people have no chance to even get half of that "opportunity" no matter how much they want it.

This goes same to non-monetary examples. Here's something I suddenly thought of that is quite relevant too. The famous celebrities gets more famous because they are given the headlines for every single thing they do, while the D-listers are forever stuck at the bottom because no papers would ever put them on the front page even if they do something big. The A-listers get good movie deals by big directors with big budgets while the less famous are forever trying to find a breakthrough role amidst having limited choices to even select from.

Well, at least the D-listers have like at least one chance per year. Commoners who yearn to be big stars do not even have any roles to choose from! Thus, remember that there will always be people higher up in the ranks above you, and there will always be people under you. That should be a little motivation for people who feel that there isn't a door of opportunity! With a little bit of luck, some people can open a door with direct elevator excess to the top level, whereas some people have many doors but all with only ladders. Although it is not very likely that everyone have that luck, at least it is a little glimpse of hope!

I'm thankful for all the opportunities several people have given me long time back. Those were the little steps that built me but I kind of regret letting complacency take over me and not cherishing those chances properly. I have to admit, it has been some time since I had as much opportunities and I kinda miss it. Now... I just need to stay strong and look out for that door to lead me out of this suffocating room which I do not really like....

By the way! I'm changing topic now because I think I'm confusing you all. I'm even confusing myself already. Hahaha. Actually right from the start of this entry I had wanted to announce that NuffnangX launched today already! It's a mobile app for your blog stalking needs! Just follow your favorite bloggers and when they update, you immediately get notifications and you just need to click and read the entry on your phone. It's so cool right?

Actually I like reading many blogs but usually during "blog reading time", I would definitely miss out a couple of blogs because I just can't remember so many! This app actually lets me follow any blog I like and I would know whenever they update! And because the feed extracts a sentence or paragraph from the blog, you can decide whether you want to read that particular entry or not before clicking in. It's good for you as well because you do not need to enter the url and load the entire page before seeing that it's an entry that doesn't interest you.

Anyway, I say so much you also don't know what I talking about. Go to your app store now and download "NUFFNANGX" app! Remember to follow me ok! :-) Just search "estherxie" and you will see my blog.

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