Sunday, September 30, 2012

TDF Glycolic Acid Peel

Went to Calvin Chan Aesthetic & Laser Clinic at Wheelock Place with Jayne last Sunday! Before you get all too excited, I wasn't there to do anything major. I was invited down to try TDF (Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula) glycolic acid peel. It is fuss-free and close to zero-downtime, making it a popular lunchtime procedure.

I can't explain better, so quoting from their press release: "An alpha-hydroxy acid, glycolic acid is one of the best clinically proven ingredients in the effective removal of the build-up of dead skin cells. As dead surface cells are removed, the production of new collagen in the dermis is stimulated to encourage cellular renewal. It helps to improve ageing or sun-damaged skin by making the skin surface smoother, lightening fine lines, wrinkles, roughness and blotchy uneven skin due to hyper-pigmentation. Long-term use improves the skin's barrier function, resulting in improved hydration, increased firmness and significantly healthier looking skin. It can also help treat oily and acne-prone skin by loosening clogged pores and reducing the appearance of large comedones."

When I reached Nadia just finished her treatment and her skin was glowing! Made me so excited for my turn hehe.

That's me sans makeup and with shades in order not to scare the nurses off. Haha. My skin was very dry and dull before the peel.

I was told that there would be a stingy pain upon application so I was quite nervous at first. But it was bearable and for a very short while only! I have very low tolerance for pain, so if I think it's fine, it must be not pain for you all normal people. Haha.

Cookie from the peeps at the clinic! ^_^

They told me that I could put on cosmetic makeup immediately after the procedure and so I did, before heading down to Robert Timms for a quick bite as I was famished. Did not have time to eat lunch beforehand and it was mid-afternoon already. Jayne had to leave immediately after the treatment so it was alone-time for me. Kinda enjoy such slow and free afternoons where I could sip on my coffee and think about stuff!

I have no idea why my initial plan for "quick bite" turned into this.

Outfit of the day: My bottoms are from MissQueenie. Have it in another color too! It's quite girly and unique :)

Afterwards, we had movie at 5PM so dinner has to be at 4PM. And so, I ate again ~.~ It was almost right after!

Food was so-so. The Japanese have really good eggs like chawanmushi and marinated soft boiled eggs, but I really don't like that sweet Japanese cold egg thingy.

After the movie, we went to ChompChomp afterwards to get "Dinner Round 2" for my family at home! Really love the oyster omelette there!!!! While waiting I saw some people eating congee and it was the sticky type which I love! Is it nice? Would love to try it there one day!

This was at the end of the day and my face was still so glowy! Thanks to the treatment I had earlier in the day I suppose. Will be back there next month for review.

Okay ending my entry here because Sunday is flying by too fast and I still have lots of things yet to be done. One of the task includes researching for a dinner place tonight, which is such a tedious process it's taking up the entire afternoon. Tsk! Bye for now! :)


  1. You really had a great day. The food is definitely delicious. I ma planning to try Robert Timms also. You really look great. Keep it up.

  2. I always see you at the PR MRT traffic light sans makeup. Oh boy you look... different.

    1. PR is where? Haha even my family agrees i look way different without makeup!