Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I think I live like I am in the army. I just can't really do much during the weekday because of irregular hours at work, so I cherish my weekends a lot. I just cannot waste my weekend away by staying at home whole day for both days. I look forward to the weekends every weekday, so I always make plans in advance.

One fateful weekend, I ended up with no plans at all. I had planned to rest on Saturday and head out with my girl friends on Sunday but the meet up was cancelled last minute so I ended up being really restless at home. I wanted to go out, I wanted to breathe in the weekend fresh wonderful air. Most of my friends already had other plans so it was good when Isaac told me his plans got cancelled last minute too! Wee!

Met up in town for dinner. Had Japanese! Wanted ramen but was told they ran out of the noodles. Sigh! Settled for something else in the end, which was only so-so. My chawanmushi and Isaac's sashimi was really good though.

My outfit was very casual that day. Tic-tac-toe tank top from www.coccomomo.com and short denim paired with a black weave belt.

Absolutely love the studded denim that Isaac was wearing.

Was good that I went out because I came home feeling much better!


  1. Your nose looks too small. On other blogs your nose is way bigger. Did you photoshop it extra small? Aren't you proud of your own looks?

    1. I do photoshop some of my photos but not all. Actually I think even the original photos from my camera are alright. You can see that my nose looks okay on some blogs but extremely huge on other blogs. Maybe their camera don't like me.